Kitchen and Grocery Store Combo

url6-300x225Have you ever received good advice about diet and nutrition that you were unable to follow? Has your doctor ever recommended a whole foods, healthy diet that you need help incorporating into your life, or have found unsustainable? Do you want to eat healthy whole foods, but find that you need help?   Schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation now!




SageSpoonLiving Grocery Store Tour and Kitchen Make Over Combo

Half a day with Bekah. Create a healthy kitchen and conquer the grocery store all in one shot. We start the session grocery shopping so we can implement your new healthy findings into your new healthy kitchen that we create together. This combo is a bargain saving over $25 for the two sessions, plus there will be a mini snack/meal lesson as we take a break during out time together.

How does this look? – You can schedule a 4 hour kitchen make over with me for  $200. I suggest that you take advantage of a complimentary nutrition consultation with me prior to your grocery store tour so that we can focus the tour to address your health goals and needs.


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