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SageSpoonRecipes Subscription – A subscription service ($9 month) providing delicious and healthy weekly recipes + guidance that align with the growing season in Minnesota.

Here’s how it works:

Every week I go to the farmers market, connect with local farmers, and curate 6-8 weekly recipes that align with what’s available locally.  I also add a grocery list detailing what you need to buy at the farmers market or from your local farmer vs. what you need to buy at the “regular” grocery store.  The recipes and grocery lists also come with health and nutrition tips, and other helpful information.  Every Friday you’ll receive a newsletter with links to your recipes + grocery list + tips. Your weekly recipes come as downloadable pdfs. Because I am building a repertoire of recipes (both my own and great recipes that others have written) you will receive these recipes on a weekly basis (instead of all at once at the beginning of the month).



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